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BABA compliance is essential for projects seeking federal funding or assistance. LEDdynamics, committed to domestic manufacturing and community support, is well-equipped to assist you.

Electronics Manufacturer Award to LEDdynamics

Top 10 Electronics Manufacturing Solution Provider – Awarded to LEDdynamics

Electronics Manufacturer Award to LEDdynamicsManufacturing Technology Insights magazine recognized LEDdynamics as a Top 10 Electronics Manufacturing Solutions Provider in 2021.

The magazines April issue includes a two-page spread on LEDdynamics, with insight from CEO, Neil Cannon.  In the article, Cannon states, “LEDdynamics is a one-stop-shop for some of the best lighting solutions in the market; from conducting minor enhancements and personalizing designs of LED systems to creating entirely new illumination products, we do it all.”

Cannon and the editor take a deep dive into recent LEDdynamics technological developments, facility upgrades and manufacturing certifications.

To read the full article click the image below or visit Manufacturing Technology Insights website.


New LED Light Modules from LUXdrive

New LED Light Modules with Cree, Luxeon, Nichia and Seoul LEDs

LEDdynamics, a leader in LED lighting solutions, is proud to announce the launch of several new LED light modules.

Unveiling LunaLED: The Ultimate Linear LED Light Fixture for Brilliant Illumination

LEDdynamics, a leader in LED lighting solutions, is proud to announce the launch of the LunaLED.

New LED Lighting Solutions from LEDdynamics

LEDdynamics launches several new products to enable more reliable, efficient and high quality LED lighting solutions.

ISO Logo for LEDdynamics from NQA

LEDdynamics Receives Prestigious Accreditation for Quality

The Quality Management System (QMS) used to support LEDdynamics business operations has been assessed by National Quality Assurance (NQA).

LEDdynamics manufacturing powered from solar panels tied to grid

LED Technology Company Propels Its “Green Tech” Up Another Level

LEDdynamics facility

30,000 Square Foot LEDdynamics HQ

LEDdynamics, Inc. has an affinity for renewable energy and sunlight.  The LED light experts’ latest breakthrough, PERFEKTLIGHT™, offers continuity between indoor and outdoor environments by providing lighting that is indistinguishable from sunlight.  PERFEKTLIGHT™ and now all of LEDdynamics’ products are manufactured using solar energy.

This is because LEDdynamics now powers its manufacturing from the sun, thanks to its state-of-the-art new facility in Randolph.  Its 230 KW photovoltaic system/installation offsets 105% of the company’s electrical usage.  As CTO and Founder Bill McGrath explained, “The goals of lower energy use and clean energy, not coming from fossil fuels, has always been a core company value. The new building, complete with solar and electric car charging means that the company builds LED lighting products with minimal carbon footprint.”

LEDdynamics Facility Solar Power Inverters

Three Inverters for Grid Tied Solar Power

Partners Green Mountain Economic Development Corporation (GMEDC), LEDdynamics’ landlord and Norwich Solar collaborated to install this system.  Bob Haynes, GMEDC’s Executive Director coordinated the design, permitting, and construction of the 30,000 square foot building as well as the solar array.  He recently stated, “GMEDC is extremely pleased that solar could be added to this project.  Vermont is 6th in solar power generation per capita in the USA and new, energy efficient buildings, such as our LEDdynamics facility, are being planned from the beginning to include solar generation, during construction or afterward as was the case here.  This is exactly what is needed to lower the carbon intensity of Vermont’s business economy.”

LEDdynamics, board member Dennis Costello, adds that “solar added to buildings on the grid continually lowers fossil fuel use.  Investments are needed in every sector: buildings, transportation, farming practices, and even carbon removal from the atmosphere.  It is extremely encouraging to see a progressive company switch to electrical generation via renewables.”   As a longtime partner venture capitalist in Braemar Energy and as a founding member of the organization that became NREL, Mr. Costello has been an exemplar advocate for the climate.  In addition to serving on LEDdynamics board, Mr. Costello advises and contributes to the Center for Creative Climate Communication and Behavior Change (C3BC) at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

LEDdynamics Solar Powered LED Technology Facility

230 KW Photovoltaic Solar Panel System During Installation

PERFEKTLIGHT Recognized by IES Progress Report

PERFEKTLIGHT – Recognized by IES for Breakthrough Tunable White LED Technology with Color Rendering of +96

LEDdynamics announces that PERFEKTLIGHT™ tunable white technology has been recognized in the Illuminating Engineering Society’s 2020 Progress Report.  This selection confirms the innovation as a unique and significant advancement to the art and science of lighting.

Neil Cannon Comments on PERFEKTLIGHT“Acknowledgement of PERFEKTLIGHT™ by the IES raises awareness of healthy lighting,” said LEDdynamics CEO, Neil Cannon.

Modern life has people indoors more than any other time in history.  The lack of sunlight exposure contributes to a number of health issues, including the disruption of circadian rhythms, which causes irregular sleep and wake cycles.  Tunable white lighting, which is rapidly emerging as the best type of circadian lighting, can foster improved health and wellness while indoors.

However, many applications of this technology have not been able to be deployed due to both the complexity and the cost.   LEDdynamics has engineered PERFEKTLIGHT™ to expand commercial applications by integrating patent-pending tunable white LED technology with cost-effective controls.

“PERFEKTLIGHT™ is a revolutionary tunable lighting system.  It recreates the sunlight’s effect on human circadian rhythms at precisely the right times of day,” Cannon said. “Retail testing has resulted in higher sales and happier employees who report better sleep and an improved work environment.”

Circadian Lighting PERFEKTLIGHT™ uses geographic information and time of day to continuously and automatically adjust interior lighting to match sunny skies outside.  The Spectral Power Distribution (or “fingerprint”) of daylight changes continually throughout the day – from sunrise to sunset. PERFEKTLIGHT™ replicates this dynamic progression of sunlight, while traditional monochromatic lighting does not.  Across the tuning range, the color rendering is maintained between 96 and 98 and Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) is corrected to follow the Blackbody locus.  These features promote health and wellness and make recognizing colors as though seen under sunlight.

PERFEKTLIGHT™, with corrected CCT tuning and “Set and Forget” controls, is straightforward to install and cost-effective, making it ideal for new construction and retrofit applications in healthcare, retail, residential, education, and grocery venues.


Blue Highway Capital

Blue Highway Funds LEDdynamics

December 10, 2019

RANDOLPH, Vermont – Blue Highway Capital, of Boston MA and Philadelphia PA, announces that it has placed a first institutional investment into LEDdynamics Inc., of Randolph VT. The funds enable the company to undertake planned expansion, with additional milestone investments anticipated in 2020.

LEDdynamics Company Picture

LEDdynamics moves to its new headquarters

June 6th, 2019

Governor Phil Scott, public officials, business owners and guests participated in a June 5th Ribbon-Cutting ceremony at 296 Beanville Road in Randolph with LEDdynamics (LED) and Green Mountain Economic Development Corporation…