At LEDdynamics, we go beyond hardware solutions to offer comprehensive analysis and software services that enhance your LED lighting experience. Our diverse range of offerings covers everything from testing and analysis to design and development. Here’s a more detailed description of our capabilities and how they can benefit you as a customer:

LEDdynamics Labsphere Test Equipment
Photometric Testing

LEDdynamics provides thorough photometric testing to evaluate the performance of your LED lighting systems. We measure key parameters such as efficacy (luminous efficiency), correlated color temperature (CCT), and color rendering index (CRI). Our testing ensures that your lighting solutions meet industry standards and deliver optimal lighting quality.

LEDdynamics Light Lab & Darkroom
IES File Generation

We specialize in generating IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) files, which contain detailed data about the light distribution and intensity of your LED luminaires. These files are crucial for accurate lighting simulations and calculations in various design and analysis software, ensuring precise and efficient lighting design.

Thermal Analysis

LEDdynamics offers comprehensive thermal analysis services to assess the heat management of your LED systems. Through advanced software tools and techniques, we evaluate thermal performance, identify potential hotspots, and optimize cooling solutions. Our thermal analysis ensures that your LED products operate within safe temperature limits, enhancing their lifespan and reliability.

3rd Party Evaluation
3rd Party Failure Analysis

In the event of unexpected LED system failures, LEDdynamics provides 3rd party failure analysis services. Our experts thoroughly investigate the root causes of failures, employing advanced diagnostic techniques and tools. This analysis helps identify design flaws, material issues, or external factors contributing to the failure, enabling corrective actions and improved product reliability.

Troubleshooting Guides

LEDdynamics offers comprehensive troubleshooting guides to assist you in resolving common issues that may arise with your LED lighting systems. Our guides provide step-by-step instructions, tips, and solutions for diagnosing and rectifying problems, ensuring that you can quickly address any operational challenges.

Laser Cutting (Non-Metallic)

LEDdynamics utilizes laser cutting technology to precisely cut non-metallic materials. This capability allows us to create custom components, fixtures, and prototypes with intricate designs and shapes. Laser cutting ensures accuracy, repeatability, and versatility in manufacturing non-metallic parts for your LED solutions.

LED System Analysis
System Analysis

LEDdynamics conducts thorough system analysis to assess the performance, efficiency, and integration of your LED lighting systems. Our experts evaluate system architecture, control interfaces, and compatibility with other infrastructure or smart systems, providing recommendations for optimization and enhanced functionality.

LED Lighting Design and Rendering
Lighting Design and Renderings

We offer professional lighting design and rendering services to visualize and simulate your LED lighting projects. Our experts utilize industry-leading design software to create realistic 3D renderings, allowing you to visualize the lighting effects, distribution, and ambiance of your space before implementation.

Solid Model Designs

LEDdynamics specializes in creating solid model designs for LED components and systems. These designs serve as the foundation for accurate prototyping and manufacturing. We utilize advanced CAD software to develop precise and detailed solid models, ensuring seamless integration and efficient production.

Development of Web and Custom Smartphone Apps

LEDdynamics provides custom software development services, including web apps, programs for PCs, firmware for embedded devices, and custom smartphone apps for wireless lighting control. We leverage our expertise in software engineering to create tailored solutions that enhance the functionality, control, and user experience of your LED lighting systems.

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