The LUXDrive offering extends beyond low voltage drivers and light engines to include Light Modules.  In some applications, an on-board driver is not required and for those instances, LEDdynamics offers an array of Light Modules in varying shapes, sizes and LED count.  Utilizing the latest LEDs from industry leading suppliers, LEDdynamics offers standard light modules that will meet the needs of most any project.  When requirements exceed the capabilities of our standard offering, LEDdynamics can develop a custom light module to meet your exact needs.  As always, whether it be standard or custom, LEDdynamics will strive to deliver a solution that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Light Modules

Saiph Star J035 & J036Luxeon CStar (20mm)1 or 394-357Data Sheet
C7 L011Luxeon CCircular (40mm)7833Data Sheet
Endor Star 7007 & 7040Luxeon RebelStar (20mm)1 or 365 to 540Data Sheet
Indus Star A007 & A008Cree XP-L2, XP-G3,
XP-G2 HE & XP-E2
Star (20mm)1 or 3105 to 760Data Sheet
Pixus Star B009Cree XM-L2Star (20mm)1331 to 441Data Sheet
Centaurus J006Cree XP-E2 & XP-G3Circular (33mm)187 to 156Data Sheet
UV-C K017, A007 & A008Nichia & Seoul - UV-CStar (20mm)1 or 3Up to 70mWData Sheet

* All specifications and values are nominal and subject to change without prior notification.

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