• Offering LED integration services for lighting products.

    If you’re a company looking to incorporate LED technology into your products, but don’t have the in-house resources to do so, look no further. Contact us today to see how we can help bring your vision to life.
    Design & Manufacturing Services
  • Innovative design of LED drivers and power supplies.

    LUXdrive’s “power squeeze” technology, developed by LEDdynamics, maximizes the lifetime, efficiency, and brightness of LED lighting. These low-voltage current regulated LED drivers are designed for easy integration into LED lighting products and can be tailored to specific client requirements.

  • In-House R&D, design, and LED manufacturing services.

    LEDdynamics’ purpose-built R&D center and design department, combined with our extensive technical expertise, enable us to constantly set new trends in lighting. Our end-to-end approach, from conception to implementation and service, combined with our extensive network of partners, gives us the unique ability to bring virtually any lighting vision to fruition.

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  • Tunable White with PERFEKTLIGHT™.

    Proprietary tunable white color mixing technology with controls that are “set & forget”.

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Our Products

Custom design & manufacturing is available should our standard LED products not match your requirements.

LED Light Module

LED Light Modules

Cree, Luxeon, Nichia, Samsung LEDs & more.

Tunable White

PERFEKTlight™ technology for unmatched tunable white.

LED Drivers

Low voltage drivers for high-power LEDs & arrays.

LED Light Engines

LED lights with on-board circuit for direct connection to power.

LEDdynamics, Inc. Headquarters

As an industry innovator, LEDdynamics offers a range of LED drivers, control products, light engines, and modules designed to meet the needs of new product development or retrofit lighting applications. We also offer custom engineering and manufacturing services for projects that require a unique form, fit, or function. Our team of engineers is ready to assist with product development, design, electronics, photometric analysis, thermal management analysis, prototype development, failure analysis, and custom manufacturing.

Design & Manufacturing Capabilities:


LEDdynamics to attend Strategies in Light

Feb 11 – 13th, 2020 San Diego Convention Center | San Diego, CA Booth 733 LEDdynamics will be attending  2020 Strategies in Light in San Diego, CA.  This 3-day event will provide LEDdynamics the opportunity to showcase their latest product offering to the LED marketplace and to converse with our channel partners, customers and new prospects.

LEDdynamics’ PERFEKTLIGHT™ Technology Tunes & Corrects White Light

The popularity of tunable white LED lighting is a lasting trend. Aside from its obvious improvements for lighting options, it also stands to make a positive impact on our overall health and well-being. Specifically, studies on Circadian Rhythm are proving how important the timing of specific correlated color temperatures (CCT) are during a daily cycle, […]

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