• Leading LED Solutions for Established Brands.

    We specialize in assisting established light fixture companies, such as Hubbardton Forge, in eliminating electronic failures and optimizing around state-of-the-art LED technology. Our solutions ensure our customers deliver best-in-class products, empowering them with a pricing advantage and reinforcing their competitive edge in the market.

    Innovative LED Solutions
  • Dependable LED Driver Solutions by LUXdrive.

    LUXdrive LED drivers expedite time-to-market, while their robust design ensures years of reliable performance. Backed by a dedicated domestic sales team, we provide customizable solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Superior LED Solutions Guaranteed.

    Our expertise in LED technology and strong vendor relationships enable us to source top-quality LEDs for our modules. This ensures our customers receive superior products, with unmatched performance metrics like extended lifespan and exceptional brightness.
  • Introducing PERFEKTLIGHT®.

    Patented LED system that accurately blends colors to mirror natural sunlight from sunrise to sunset. Enjoy effortless transitions throughout the day, promoting circadian entrainment, improved productivity and a harmonious environment.

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LUXdrive LED Products

LED Building Block Products

Customers can efficiently and cost-effectively design and construct reliable LED
lighting products by leveraging these essential components of a LED lighting system.

LED Light Module
LED Light Engine

LED Light Modules

Cree, Luxeon, Nichia, Samsung LEDs & more.

Tunable White

PERFEKTlight® technology for unmatched tunable white.

LED Drivers

Low voltage constant current drivers for high-power LEDs & arrays.

LED Light Engines

LED lights with on-board circuit for direct connection to power.

Custom OEM LED Solutions

At LEDdynamics, we go beyond standard offerings by providing comprehensive custom engineering and manufacturing services for projects that demand a distinctive form, fit, or function. Our dedicated team of engineers stands ready to support you throughout the product development journey, offering expertise in various areas such as design, electronics, photometric analysis, thermal management analysis, prototype development, failure analysis, and custom manufacturing. 

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