Circadian Lighting for Elders’ Sleep & Health

Circadian Lighting for Elders’ Sleep and Health

Join Neil Cannon, CEO of LEDdynamics, as he illuminates the crucial role of lighting in the well-being of elderly residents. This presentation explores the link between artificial lighting, circadian rhythms, and seniors’ health.

Discover how lighting affects circadian rhythms and its impact on sleep patterns and overall health in eldercare settings. Uncover challenges posed by inadequate lighting and disrupted sleep, and learn why addressing these issues is vital for residents’ well-being.

Neil will unveil compelling study findings demonstrating the benefits of circadian lighting. See how this innovative approach improves sleep quality, reduces disturbances, and enhances health outcomes for elderly residents.

Get insights into implementing cutting-edge lighting technology that mimics natural sunlight, offering a practical solution for eldercare facilities. Learn how this technology aligns with circadian rhythms and enhances the quality of life for our elderly.

Don’t miss this enlightening session where Neil summarizes the pivotal role of circadian-aligned lighting in sleep, health, and the overall well-being of eldercare residents.

?️ Date: Friday, 15th December 2023

⏰ Time: 1:00-2:00PM EST

? Location: Online Webinar

Webinar Recording: