The LUXDrive offering extends beyond drivers to include Light Engines.  The standard offering includes a variety of shapes which range from strips, stars, circles to squares and employs the latest in driver technology to ensure optimum performance for your application.  Utilizing the latest LEDs from industry leading suppliers, LEDdynamics is able to offer standard light engine solutions that will easily meet the needs of most projects.  When the requirements exceed the capabilities of our standard offering, LEDdynamics can develop a custom light engine solution to meet your exact needs.  Whether it be standard or custom, LEDdynamics will deliver a solution to meet and exceed your expectations.

Light Engines

Draco L013Nichia 757Rectangle- 3x2.5 in30up to 1125NoNoneData Sheet
DuoStrip I033
Nichia 757Strip - 12 in48up to 880Yes3 InData Sheet
DynamicWhiteStrip K021
Nichia 757Strip - 12 in48up to 880Yes3 InData Sheet
DynaSqr G025Nichia 757Square 1 in3up to 136NoNoneData Sheet
Elara Strip II 7011NichiaStrip - 11.5 in9up to 450Yes4 InData Sheet
LUXStrip II 9008Luxeon RebelStrip - 12 in6up to 1080Yes2 InData Sheet
LUXStrip II A006Cree XP-E & XP-GStrip - 12 in6up to 1270Yes2 InData Sheet

* All specifications and values are nominal and subject to change without prior notification.