For generations, “Made in the USA” has symbolized quality and American craftsmanship. At LEDdynamics, our commitment to domestic infrastructure mirrors this tradition and seamlessly aligns with the Build America Buy America (BABA) Act.

While acronyms are prevalent in our industry, the introduction of BABA has generated its fair share of confusion. Many individuals still mistakenly associate it with the Buy American Act (BAA), adding complexity to an already intricate landscape of regulations. Additionally, you’ll encounter variations in how the acronym for the Build America Buy America Act is presented. Some sources use “BABA,” while others opt for “BABAA” to include “Act.”

BABA encompasses regulations promoting American-made materials in federally funded infrastructure projects. Tied to the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021, BABA emphasizes supporting projects directly procured by the federal government or funded through grants and assistance, covering products from steel to lighting.

BAA: For projects directly purchased by the federal government.
BABA: Applicable when the federal government provides financial assistance for the project.

BABA addresses key aspects:

Strengthened Domestic Contents Rule: The cost of the components of the product manufactured in the United States is greater than 55 percent of the total cost of all components of the manufactured product.

Expanded Buy America Requirements: Extending Buy America rules beyond transportation projects to various federally assisted infrastructure projects.

Broad Definition of Infrastructure: Encompassing a wide range of projects, from roads to broadband infrastructure.

Elimination of COTS Waiver: Virtually eliminating the Commercially Available Off the Shelf waiver for BABA projects.

Made in America Office: Establishing a Made in America office under the Office of Management and Budget.

Why BABA Matters and How LEDdynamics Can Support Your Project

BABA compliance is essential for projects seeking federal funding or assistance. LEDdynamics, committed to domestic manufacturing and community support, is well-equipped to assist you:

Comprehensive Understanding: We stay updated on evolving BABA regulations, ensuring your project aligns with the standards.

Consistent Adherence: Our stringent quality control and documentation practices guarantee compliance.

Ensuring Truthful Claims: When our products bear the BABA-compliant label, rest assured they come with authoritative statements attesting to our strict adherence to standards.

Navigating BABA compliance can be complex, but provisions allow waivers in certain circumstances based on factors like cost, public interest, or domestic product unavailability. The Office of Management and Budget has issued guidance, providing valuable insights for compliance.

The Build America Buy America Act represents not just regulations but a strategy to bolster American manufacturing and job opportunities. By aligning with BABA and partnering with LEDdynamics, you contribute to American industries’ growth while fulfilling regulatory requirements. Let us help you bring your project to life while supporting BABA’s principles.