LEDdynamics can tune white LEDs to specific Color Correlated Temperatures (CCT) or mix RGB LEDs to make any color desired.

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    The Future of Indoor Lighting: Why Building Owners Should Embrace Tunable White LED Lighting

    Adopting tunable white LED lighting is a forwarding-thinking choice aligned with the future of lighting and wellness trends.

    Finding the Connection Between Tunable White and Circadian Lighting

    PERFEKTLIGHT: Finding the Connection Between Tunable White and Circadian Lighting

    Not all tunable white LED lighting systems are the same.  LEDdynamics have developed a superior model that truly matches the light of the sun.  Its name:  PERFEKTLIGHT.  To find out more, let’s explore how tunable white lighting works. Tunable white lighting adjusts the color temperature of white light.  When it’s set up to match the […]

    PERFEKTLIGHT Recognized by IES Progress Report

    PERFEKTLIGHT – Recognized by IES for Breakthrough Tunable White LED Technology with Color Rendering of +96

    LEDdynamics announces that PERFEKTLIGHT™ tunable white technology has been recognized in the Illuminating Engineering Society’s 2020 Progress Report.  This selection confirms the innovation as a unique and significant advancement to the art and science of lighting. “Acknowledgement of PERFEKTLIGHT™ by the IES raises awareness of healthy lighting,” said LEDdynamics CEO, Neil Cannon. Modern life has […]

    Tunable LED Light Improves Health in Nursing Home

    Tunable White LED Lighting Poised to Improve Life in Nursing Homes

    More than anyone else, people in nursing homes struggle to find high-quality sleep, which is especially disheartening because we know that elderly people are more susceptible to health issues, which poor sleep can exacerbate. While this is a complex issue, there is a good deal that we can do about it because we understand how […]

    Guide to Tunable White LED Lighting

    All-In-One Guide To Tunable White LED Lighting

    According to the US Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, white tunable lighting is “the ability to control a light source’s color temperature output.” Manufacturers have achieved this innovation by combining LEDs of different color temperatures into single bulbs or strips. By controlling the LEDs inside the bulb or on the strip, you can […]


    LEDdynamics’ PERFEKTLIGHT™ Technology Tunes & Corrects White Light

    The popularity of tunable white LED lighting is a lasting trend. Aside from its obvious improvements for lighting options, it also stands to make a positive impact on our overall health and well-being. Specifically, studies on Circadian Rhythm are proving how important the timing of specific correlated color temperatures (CCT) are during a daily cycle, […]

    Understanding Circadian Rhythm and How Tuning LEDs Can Increase Health & Wellness

    How Light Effects Circadian Rhythm, the Quality of Your Sleep and Health

    When it comes to advancements in lighting solutions, Human Centric Lighting (HCL) applications are driving innovation at LEDdynamics.  Through technological refinements, the maximum levels of energy savings from LEDs have been mostly achieved across the industry.  Now, for the team at LEDdynamics, our R&D has shifted to engineering a commercially viable tunable white LED technology […]