Cree XM-L2 LED Light Module

Product Description

The Pixus Star combines high brightness with ease of integration into fixtures and OEM applications.  The LUXdrive™ Pixus Star features the Cree XM-L2 emitter on a 20mm star board.  Inherent electrical isolation means thermal interface materials are not required to be electrically insulative.  LEDdynamics strives to use the highest flux bins that are most readily available, please contact us if you require a specific bin.


  • 3000mA maximum drive current
  • Made in America design and quality
  • Available in a range of white color temperatures
  • Beam sculpting optics available


  • General Illumination
  • Display Case Lighting
  • Sign Lighting
  • Flashlights

White Product Selection Guide

Pixus Star Board
Part NumberCCTCRIVoltage
Lumens @1050mA
  1. Values specified @1050mA, Tj 85°C – for more specs, visit emitter data sheet here.
  2. All specifications are subject to change without prior notification.

Maximum Ratings

DC Current (mA)
Typ. Viewing Angle
Thermal Resistance (°C/W)*
  1. *LED junction to bottom of starboard (MCPCB), measured in °C/W
  2. For more specs, visit emitter data sheet here

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