At LEDdynamics, we prioritize the performance and reliability of our LED products. Our comprehensive testing and measurement capabilities ensure accurate assessments of critical parameters, guaranteeing the quality of our offerings. Here’s a more detailed description of our capabilities and how they benefit you as a customer:

LEDdynamics Labsphere Test Equipment
Integrating Spheres

LEDdynamics utilizes integrating spheres, which are spherical chambers coated with highly reflective materials, for precise measurements of light output and distribution. These spheres enable us to accurately evaluate the total luminous flux, efficacy, color temperature, and color rendering index (CRI) of our LED products. The use of integrating spheres guarantees consistent and reliable measurements.

LEDdynamics Light Lab & Darkroom

We employ a self-built goniophotometer, an advanced instrument used to measure the angular distribution of light emitted by our LED luminaires. This equipment enables us to assess the light intensity, beam angle, and spatial distribution, ensuring optimal performance and lighting control. Goniophotometer measurements provide valuable data for lighting design and analysis, resulting in accurate and effective lighting solutions.

Handheld Light Measurement Devices

LEDdynamics utilizes a range of handheld light measurement devices for on-site testing and verification. These portable devices allow us to evaluate critical parameters, such as illuminance (lux), luminous intensity (candela), and color metrics, directly at the installation site. With these devices, we can assess lighting conditions, verify compliance with specifications, and provide real-time measurements and feedback.

LED Dark Room
Dark Room (Light Testing)

LEDdynamics maintains a dedicated dark room in our testing facility, ensuring precise measurements by minimizing external light interference. This controlled environment allows us to accurately evaluate and analyze the light output, color characteristics, and other performance parameters of our LED products. The dark room provides a controlled testing environment for reliable and repeatable results.

LED System Analysis
Robust Testing Lab

Our testing lab is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and instruments to conduct comprehensive evaluations of our LED products. LEDdynamics employs a range of specialized tools, including spectrometers, power analyzers, and thermal cameras, to measure and analyze various electrical, optical, and thermal parameters. Our robust testing lab ensures the highest standards of quality and performance for our LED solutions.

Hi Pot Test
Hi Pot Testing

LEDdynamics performs high potential (Hi Pot) testing to assess the electrical insulation and dielectric strength of our LED products. This test involves subjecting the product to a higher-than-normal voltage to ensure its safety and reliability. Hi Pot testing is crucial for identifying potential electrical weaknesses and ensuring compliance with safety standards.

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