At LEDdynamics, a UL Listed Manufacturer, we leverage our state-of-the-art ISO 9001 certified manufacturing and lean trained workforce to deliver high-quality LED solutions. Our advanced equipment, meticulous processes, and competitive pricing ensure precision, efficiency, and reliability throughout the production journey, ultimately providing exceptional LED products to our customers. Here’s a more detailed description of our capabilities and how they benefit our customers:

LED Pick and Place SMT Machine
Pick and Place (SMT) Machines

Our facility is equipped with advanced pick and place machines. These machines automate the process of accurately placing electronic components onto PCBs, ensuring fast and precise assembly. The use of multiple machines allows us to handle high-volume production efficiently, reducing turnaround times for our customers.

LED Reflow Oven
Reflow Ovens

LEDdynamics utilizes cutting-edge reflow ovens in our manufacturing process. These ovens precisely control temperature profiles, allowing solder paste to melt, reflow, and bond the electronic components to the PCB. The use of reflow ovens ensures reliable and consistent soldering, resulting in robust and long-lasting connections.

Solder paste being applied through silk screen onto LED light engine
Solder Paste Stencil Machines

We employ both manual and automated solder paste stencil machines. These machines enable precise application of solder paste onto the PCBs, facilitating the soldering process during assembly. The use of stencil machines ensures accurate and uniform solder paste deposition, resulting in reliable connections between components.

Sonic Welding

LEDdynamics utilizes sonic welding techniques for joining plastic components. Sonic welding uses high-frequency vibrations to create a strong bond between plastic parts. This method ensures robust and durable assemblies, particularly for enclosures and housings, enhancing the overall quality and longevity of our LED solutions.

heat staking machine
Heat Staking

Heat staking is a process used for joining plastic parts by applying heat to specific areas, forming a secure bond. LEDdynamics employs heat staking techniques to assemble plastic components, ensuring strong and reliable connections. This method is commonly used for attaching components such as connectors, switches, and holders.

Depaneling Equipment

LEDdynamics employs advanced depaneling equipment for separating individual PCBs from a larger panel. This process ensures precise and clean separation, maintaining the integrity of the PCBs and avoiding damage to the components. Our depaneling equipment enables efficient production and guarantees the quality of the final LED solutions.

Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine

LEDdynamics utilizes advanced wire cutting and stripping machines for efficient and accurate preparation of electrical wires. These machines precisely cut wires to the desired length and remove insulation, ensuring consistent and reliable electrical connections during assembly. 

Hand Assembly & Soldering
Hand Assembly & Soldering

LEDdynamics boasts a skilled team with the ability to hand assemble and solder components and wires as needed. This capability ensures flexibility and precision in accommodating custom requirements, allowing us to deliver tailored LED solutions that meet your specific needs.

Conformal coating and UV epoxy sealing solutions
Conformal Coating and UV Epoxy

We offer specialized solutions for conformal coating and UV epoxy sealing. These advanced techniques provide enhanced protection and longevity for your LED products, ensuring reliable performance in challenging environments. Trust our expertise to deliver precise and effective coating and sealing solutions for your LED applications.

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