General Questions

Where are your products manufactured?

LDI standard and custom products are proudly Made in America at our factory in Randolph, VT.

What is the standard warranty for your products?

LDI has separate warranties for their Drivers, Light Engines & Light Modules and Fixtures & Lamps. For a complete review of the Prolume Limited Warranty, please view on line by clicking here or down load a copy of the document from the warranty page.

Who is my direct LEDdynamics sales person?

LDI supports our customers in conjunction with channel partners across North America and Internationally. There are several direct sales managers supporting our channel partners and a complete list can be viewed on our Channel Sales page.

How to I request an Return Material Authorization?

In the event you need to return product to LEDdynamics, please contact a Customer Service representative at (802) 728-4533 to discuss the nature of your request so we can best serve your needs.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

LDI strives to optimize manufacturing efficiencies and minimize waste.  As such, we encourage you to work with your channel partners or LDI representative to best understand the project requirements so an optimum order quantity can be proposed.

Does LDI provide design services to assist with our product development?

Yes, LDI regularly collaborates with companies to assist in the illumination development for a end product.  To discuss your specific needs, please contact us directly either via the contact form or call to speak with a member of our sales team.

Can I place an order directly with LEDdynamics?

LEDdynamics works in conjunction with our channel partners to manage our end customers fulfillment needs. Occasionally and on a case by case basis,  LDI will work directly with an OEM to fulfill volume requirement. We recommend that you contact your local channel partner or direct representative to discuss the nature of your inquiry so we may best serve you.

I require a custom driver-light engine-light module, are you able to tweak designs to suit my needs?

Yes, LDI can customize our existing products or create a clean sheet design based upon your specific needs.  For custom solutions please contact us directly either via the contact form or call to speak with a member of our sales team.

Can you build a custom fixture that I designed?

Most likely, yes we can! A main tenet of LEDdynamics is the ability to convert the vision of a designer in to reality. Granted, there are limitations however we do strive and have succeeded with countless talented visionaries to create custom fixtures that deliver breathtaking impressions.

I would like to purchase some of your products, where can I find them?

We have a number of channel partners serving domestic and international needs.  You can locate your nearest distributor on our Sales Channel page or speak directly with a member of our sales team.

How do I submit my suggestion to LEDdynamics?

LDI is open and receptive to comments and recommendations as a means to improve the product portfolio we offer in the marketplace. You can submit your comment or recommendation through our Contact Us page and thank you in advance for your input and feedback.

Do you have printed literature?

We are very conscious about our impact to the environment and have purposely elected not to mass produce paper literature. All materials are available in environmentally friendly digital PDFs and can be printed individually by our customers on an as needed basis.

How do I join the LEDdynamics team?

Thank you for your interest in LEDdynamics. Please visit our Careers page to learn more about the company view current openings and submit a resume for consideration.

Technical Questions

How can I get technical support if I have questions?

All technical questions can be submitted through our contact form or directly to one of our sales representatives.  Once submitted, we will work to address your technical needs in a timely manner.

I have an LED array, what driver should I use?

LDI offers a number of low voltage driver topologies to meet customer needs.  Please review the current driver offering here or contact us directly to speak with a sales representative for immediate assistance in identifying a solution.

I have a LED driver, can you recommend a light module?

LDI offers a number of light modules to meet customer requirements.  Please review the current light module offering here or contact us directly to speak with a sales representative for immediate assistance in identifying a solution.

How do I manage thermal requirements in my application?

The performance and life of a driver, light engine and light module is greatly influenced by the thermal conditions where the product will be used.  We strongly recommend that you speak with an LDI representative to best understand the environmental and application conditions to help ensure optimum performance and life expectancy are achieved.

Do you offer any control solutions?

LDI offers a few low voltage dimmers for use LED products as well as several DMX interfaces.  Please visit here to review the current control offering or contact a sales representative to discuss your needs.