The LVL.2 is a low voltage, linear LED light fixture that delivers up to 450 lumens per foot. A small footprint and low profile allow it to be installed, hidden from view, in spatially limited locations. The traditional appearance allows its use as a direct replacement for under cabinet or under shelf lighting in both commercial and residential applications.


  • Made in America quality and craftsmanship
  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Daisy chain connectable up to 17 feet
  • Individual on/off switch




LVL2 – LVL2_v2-1

  • Cabinet & Display Case Lighting
  • Cove Lighting
  • Architectural Lighting
  • General Illumination
  • Accent Lighting
  • Display Lighting
  • RV/Automotive Systems


PRODUCT EL2S12xxx EL2S24xxxEL2S36xxx
Output:410 lm435 lm450 lm820 lm870 lm900 lm1230 lm1305 lm1350 lm
Beam Angle:115 o
CRI:70+ to 80+
Control:On/Off Switch
Daisy Chain Limit:17 feet
Motion Sensor:None
Power Consumption:4.5 Watts per foot
MechanicalDimensions:L x W x H:13 x 0.0875 x 0.085 in25 x 0.0875 x 0.085 in37 x 0.0875 x 0.085 in
Weight:0.05 oz0.05 oz0.05 oz
Power Connection:2.5 Barrel Connector
Mounting:Flush mount
Operating Temp:-20 to 80 o C
Storage Temp:-40 to 100 o C
Warranty:5 Years

* All specifications are subject to change without prior notification.

Fixture Ordering Detail

PRODUCTIlluminated Length CCT CRI LUMENS LengthPower
EL2S1283012 in3000K80+41013 in4.5Watts
EL2S2483024 in82025 in9Watts
EL2S3683036 in123037 in13.5Watts
EL2S1284012 in4000K80+43513 in4.5Watts
EL2S2484024 in87025 in9Watts
EL2S3684036 in130537 in13.5Watts
EL2S1275012 in5000K70+45013 in4.5Watts
EL2S2475024 in90025 in9Watts
EL2S3675036 in135037 in13.5Watts

* All specifications are subject to change without prior notification.

Accessory Ordering Detail

TypePart NumberLengthOutputFixture Length
JumperEAJP06C6 in~~
EAJP08C8 in~~
EAJP12C12 in~~
EAJP24C24 in~~
Power SupplyEAPS1524C-A~15 W1 to 3 Feet
EAPS4024C-A~40 W1 to 9 Feet
EAPS9624C-A~96 W1 to 17 Feet

* All specifications are subject to change without prior notification.